~  You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have. So As Far As Your Passion Goes, Educate Yourself As Much And As Often As Possible. Be The Best At What You Do. Never     Let Discouragement Invade Your Drive To Succeed.

~ Staying Sharp Allows You To Work Little. Not Allowing Yourself To Learn & Know    Your Craft Renders You Dull. Being Dull Allows For You To Work Harder. You Choose.

~ Your Intentions Are Truly Important. Focus On Unleashing Your Full Potential            By 1.) The “WANT TO” Improve Upon Your Work And Performance 2.) Knowing        That You “CAN”  Improve Your Work Performance. 3.) “CHOOSE” To Improve          Your Performance At Work.

~ Choosing Empowers You To Want To Succeed No One Can Empower You But        You. Have Faith & Know The Outcome You Want Because Faith Has Already              Chosen The End Of Your  Beginning.

Inspiration From: Bishop Chirrona


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